This year, on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven on August 15th, I will celebrate thirty-eight years of Priesthood. As I look over the years, I am grateful to my parents, siblings, and all the people that I serve. I was able to study for many summers at Notre Dame University and accumulated much respect for theology and a healthy pastoral approach to parish life. It is so important for parents to work hard in passing on the Catholic Faith to their children and grandchildren. Today’s culture challenges family life. We need to better understand the Sacraments, the everyday importance of prayer and daily Mass attendance, especially on weekends. I was brought up with the notion that one does not miss Mass at any cost. This was infused in me from childhood to present time. While working in Los Angeles for Xerox Corporation, prior to entering the Priesthood, I came to appreciate education, attending daily Mass and frequent confession. These are important practices in our Catholic faith. I was also faithful to praying the Rosary every day. When my parents asked me what I was going to do with my life, I told them, “I will become a Priest.”

After many years of hard work and study, I continue to work to achieve this goal. I was given the opportunity to study Spanish in Mexico for many summers. In learning the language, I came to appreciate how people sacrifice much to pass on the Catholic faith.

For me, the Catholic Faith is what life is about. It took me twenty-three years to discern my vocation to the Priesthood and I continue to learn, love and share my faith with my Parishioners and community. I appreciate what my Parishioners and community continue to teach me as they support the ministry. 


I have shared my pastoral knowledge and faith in many classes on Catholicism through RCIA and Religious Education. In my 38 years as a priest, I have taught many courses on what it means to be a Catholic in today’s world and all of its challenges. In recent years I am happy to see the high quality and relevant Catholic resources being made available to our parishes and families through Diocesan efforts. Some of my favorites include: Catholicism by Father Robert Baron (exploring our Catholic Faith), Who Am I to Judge by Dr. Edward Sri (a good overview of morality in our times), Reborn, Forgiven and Beloved by Augustine Institute (sacramental preparation programs for baptism, reconciliation and marriage.) All these programs are available through your parish subscription to FORMED.




Prayer for priests


Lord Jesus Christ, bless and strengthen those you have chosen to share your priesthood. We intercede for them all – from the Pope, to whom you entrusted the office of Peter, the rock, to the most obscure of your priests wherever he labors. We pray especially for priests who have touched our lives most closely; the priests who presently serve in our parish and former parishes where we lived. Those who have ministered your grace to us in the sacraments; the priests who have taught us and counseled us, the priests who have married us and buried our loved ones. Give them above all, holiness of life, courage and zeal in the times of trial, wisdom and compassion in dealing with others. For our part, good Lord, grant that we respect the consecration of their lives, recognize their humanness and sustain them by their cooperation in the work of your Church. O Divine Master, open to our youth your vision of the fields ready for harvest. Bless our families and parish with many priestly vocations and keep all your have called close to Your sacred heart.            AMEN.



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