Diocese of Baker
Vocations and Discernment

Are you thinking about becoming a Priest?

Answer these questions in your heart:

1.  Do I hear God calling me?
2.  Do I have a desire to serve?
3.  Do I feel the Lord's presence  in the Eucharist?
4.  Do I have a capacity to love?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then God may be calling you
to a life in the Priesthood. 

The journey to the Priesthood is a process that includes prayer and the help of many supportive people. The decision is something that is not completely made until the time for ordination draws near. In the meantime you gain an education that not only helps you to better understand the ways of the world, but most especially the ways of God's Kingdom.


The Journey to the Priesthood:  
Give Father Tomy Chowaran a call College Degree in Philosophy
Phone Interview Four Years of Theology
Pastoral Visit with Fr. Tomy Steps Toward Ordination
Initial Interview Form Ordination to Diaconate
Time of Discernment Ordination to Priesthood
Visit with the Bishop First Mass of Thanksgiving
Visit Seminary  

To help and support you in your discernment, take a look at Vocation Boom! Here I am website - voted Top New Website by the USCCB.  www.vocationboom.com

Unsure that this life is for you?  Give Father Chowaran a call and he can help you with this exciting decision.

Is God calling you?... click here for more information.

Reverend Tomy Chowaran, SDB
Director of Vocations

Questions?   Want to learn more? 
If you are a man not afraid to begin this powerful journey,
contact Father Chowaran
(541) 386-3373
email:  vocations@dioceseofbaker.org

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The Diocese of Baker needs YOU ! 
What are you waiting for?
Become a Priest TODAY !

On June 19, 1903, Pope Leo XIII appointed Central & Eastern Oregon as the Diocese of Baker. 
The area consists of 66,800 square miles.
The Diocese started with 7 parishes and 13 priests.  
Help us keep growing.

To read about our priests here in
the Diocese of Baker and their
discernment journey,
click here.

The Baker Diocese Vocations Committee:
We provide practical support to the Diocese;
its endeavors to promote religious vocations,
and its need for more priests.

Click here for more information on the
Baker Diocese Vocations Committee

Contact Jack Beemer at (541) 480-1320
or email him at beemer@bendcable.com

"I encourage you to contact your parish to find out
what day and time your community is offering
Eucharistic Adoration for Vocations."

Bishop Liam Cary

To read about the
Sisters of Mary of Kakamega
and their work in
our Diocese,
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Religious Communities
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Prayer for Priestly Vocations

Lord Jesus Christ,
Living Bread come down from heaven,
in Your Name we ask the Father
to bless the Diocese of Baker
with vocations to the priesthood.

By the prompting of the Holy Spirit
call forth from among us
men who are able to sympathize
with our weakness
and deal gently with the wayward,
men who will give us confidence
to draw near to the font of Mercy
and find grace in time of need.

Send us priests
to bring comfort to the afflicted,
pardon to the sinner,
and peace to the dying;
priests to hand You over to us
in the Breaking of the Bread.

High Priest
of the New and Eternal Covenant,
we place our trust in You.
To You be glory and praise forever.

Composed by Bishop Liam Cary


 Oración por Vocaciones Sacerdotales

Señor Jesucristo,
Pan Vivo bajado del cielo,
en Tu nombre pedimos al Padre
que bendiga a la Diócesis de Baker
con vocaciones al sacerdocio.

Por el impulso del Espiritu Santo
llama de entre nosotros
hombres que sean capaces
de compadecer nuestras debilidades
y mostrarse comprensivos con los extraviados,
hombres que nos den confianza
para acercarnos a la fuente de la Misericordia
y encontrar gracia
en tiempo de necesidad.

Envíanos sacerdotes
que den consuelo a los afligidos,
perdón a los pecadores,
y paz a los moribundos;
sacerdotes que Te entregen a nosotros
en la Fracción del Pan.

Sumo Sacerdote
de la Nueva y Eterna Alianza,
en Tí ponemos nuestra confianza.
Para Tí ponemos nuestra confianza.
Para Tí por siempre gloria y alabanza.

Compuesta por Obispo Liam Cary





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