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Re-establishing a stronger presence of Religious Sisters in the diocese is a sign of great hope. 
The original Sisters who served here throughout the earlier years of the Diocese did such great work
and it is our hope in moving forward that these Sisters will now build on that firm foundation.
"Siempre Adalante, Nunca Atras"



Sisters of Mary of Kakamega

Who are Sisters of Mary?
Sisters of Mary is a Religious Congregation which was started by the late Bishop Brandsma, a Mill Hill Missionary in 1932 in the Diocese of Kakamega in Kenya.  He requested the help of the Ursuline Sisters from Bergen-Holland as to assist with the religious formation of the African girls who wished to become sisters.  With time and God's blessing, the congregation has spread beyond this diocese and has 76 houses opened up in Kakamega, other diocese in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and now America.

This congregation was founded with the aim of spreading the Good News and fostering the education of the African women so as to uplift their standards of living in a world where they seemed to be completely marginalized by their male counterparts.  Some of these young girls were also trained as religious nuns to help other girls and women to learn to be self sufficient in order to enhance and  improve their standards of living.  The congregation started off with only five girls in 1932 but today they have grown to approximately 330 Sisters.

Please click here to access the official website of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega.


Introducing the Sisters of Mary in Central Oregon:

The Religious Sisters of Mary of Kakamega...arrived for ministerial service in the Diocese of Baker in June, 2010. The Sisters come from a Community in Kenya and they bring zeal for souls and a spirit of joy which promises to infect the entire diocese. In 2015 they opened the Cardinal Otunga Adult Foster Home in Bend, OR, for the Diocese of Baker.

"Our goal is to offer loving attention while supporting healthy living."

Sister Sabina Mbenge 

Sister Sabina is the Superior of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega in Bend.  She was born the second youngest in a Catholic fa
mily of 6 children and entered the congregation in 1973.  She made her final profession in 1983 and has worked in formation and counseling. She has specialized in working with the severely disabled as well as the extremely young and the very old. Sabina was the principal of a School for the Deaf & Blind for 15 years. She also led the entire congregation of Sisters of Mary of Kakamega from 2003-≠2005. She has a Masterís Degree in Special Needs from Leeds University in Great Britain.

Sr. Sabina serves as the Director of the Cardinal Otunga Adult Foster Home in Bend, Oregon.

Sister Anne Goretti Kakayi

Sister Anne comes from a Catholic family of 10 siblings and is the ninth born. She made per perpetual profession in 2005. She attributes her Religious Vocation to her Grandfather who was a Catechist and her parents who taught and nurtured her FAITH.
Sister Anne is a Registered Nurse and has worked with the elderly nuns back in Africa and children with physical disabilities.  Today she works as a caregiver in Cardinal Otunga Adult Foster Home in Bend, OR, administered by the Sisters of Mary here in the Diocese of Baker.
"I am so thankful to God for the Diocese of Baker and the entire Christian community for the Spiritual, material, moral support and good working relationship. May the Lord unite us all on this Journey.  My passion is to Love and serve, especially the needy and underprivileged."


Sister Edel Quinn

Sr. Edel hails from Kisumu Archdiocese Nyabondo Parish in Kenya.  She is the second last born of a family of thirteen. Her mother is the only surviving parent. Having been born in a devout Catholic faith, she entered the Religious Order in 2004 and took her temporal vows in 2008 as a SMK and Perpetual vows on December 8, 2014.

While in Kenya, Sr. Edel served as a Teacher at St. Anne's Primary School, vocations Animator, and Formator for their Institute. She has certificates in Primary Teacher Education and Spirituality Formation.

"The Lord, in His kindness, has given me the Opportunity to serve His people in Oregon. I am blessed to share the faith with Christians in this Diocese. United in Christ's LOVE."


Introducing the Sisters of Mary in Eastern Oregon:


Sister Irene Njoki Mwangi

Sister Irene is the fourth in a family of ten children and credits her parents with nurturing her Catholic faith. She was also inspired by Italian nuns who visited homes in the central part of Kenya where she grew up. Moved by the kindness and attracted to the habits of the sisters, Sister Irene told her mother she wanted to be just like them. After high school she joined the Sisters of Mary and was trained in spirituality, catechesis and human development. She has served in hospital settings as a nurse and is currently in the spiritual care department of St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Ontario. She believes interior healing can help bring about physical health and that empowering patients to discover strength from within helps them realize true healing comes from God.

"I am glad that Bishop Robert Vasa welcomed my Order to serve in the Baker Diocese. God bless all who have touched my life in one way or another."

Sister Regina Namaleha

Sister Regina is the second-youngest of seven children. Her father died when she was only two years old and her mother raised the family and taught them their Catholic faith. Sister joined the Sisters of Mary after she took her exams out of high school. During her four year formation she trained in Catechism and Spirituality and in 1994 she became a nun. Sister Regina joined Teachers College and became a grade three teacher.  In 2003 she went back to college to further her education and majored in Special Education. In 2007, she obtained Degree in Education. Sister Regina has served as a Sister for 16 years and as a teacher for 13 years. Sister Regina teaches Religious Education for third grade at St. Peter's School in Ontario and also assists the other teachers in the other grade levels.

"I am so happy to be in Ontario teaching the young ones. They are so lovely and the teachers are friendly and ready to work with me. The community and especially the parents are so happy to have Sisters in the school and at the hospital. My hopes and my dreams are to do my best to all and that my presence may bring joy and peace. I hope to grow and develop more for the sake of the young kids and those entrusted to me."


With Gratitude,

We wish to express our gratitude to Most Reverend Robert Vasa who granted us an opportunity to share the Gospel and our Faith with God's people in the new culture of Baker diocese.

We appreciate the diocesan staff, Pastors where we work and Christians of Good Will who have made our apostolate possible through their generosity and support.  May God reward them abundantly.



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