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The Diocese of Baker and My Catholic Faith Delivered have partnered to provide online training and Catechetical Certification. To participate and take advantage of special discounted rates please register and purchase programs through our Diocese of Baker Web Portal.






Josh Schaan
Director of Evangelization

& Catechesis




Bryce Herrmann
Coordinator of Catechetical Ministry


Mission of the Office of
Evangelization and Catechesis

To equip, train, and provide resources to
parishes, schools, and missions
throughout the Diocese of Baker
so that we all may fulfill the
Great Commission transmitting the
Roman Catholic faith in accordance
with the magisterium under the
direction of the bishop.




Catechetical Certification (Now Available!)
A top priority of Bishop Cary
is to improve catechetical competencies across

the Diocese of Baker.
In support of this goal we are implementing
the beginnings of a catechetical

certification program
during the 2014-15 ministry year.

The primary people expected to participate

in this certification program
is parish and school employees (full and part-time) serving in a catechetical role (e.g. Children’s Religious Education, Sacramental Preparation,
Youth Ministry, Young Adults, Adults, and RCIA).
Volunteer catechists for children, youth and adults
are highly encouraged to participate as well.

Catechetical Account Setup Instructions

  On the New Evangelization

The New Evangelization is a call to each person to:

 --  deepen his or her own faith life,

--  know and have confidence in the Gospel,

-- and possess a willingness to share the Gospel.


Pope Benedict XVI named Oct. 11, 2012

to Nov. 24, 2013 a “Year of Faith”
to spark Evangelization efforts that

could continue for years to come.



On June 29, 2013, Pope Francis released

Lumen Fidei (The Light of Faith) ,
an encyclical letter, or teaching document.
The encyclical reflects on the light of faith

during the Year of Faith and beyond.


On November 24, 2013,
 Pope Francis released his first Apostolic Exhortation
Evangelii Gaudium (On the Proclamation of the Gospel in Today’s World).


USCCB documents by Fr. James A. Wehner,
President of the Pontifical College Josephinum.

 What is “new” about the New Evangelization?


¿Qué es “nuevo” en la Nueva Evangelización?
A Primer on the Theology of Evangelization:
Implications for The United States


Introducción a la Teología de la Evangelización:
Implicaciones para los Estados Unidos

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 Training and Discussion Forum
The Offices of Evangelization, Catechesis,
and Youth Ministry are happy to
provide access to
online training videos and discussion forum.
Training for the New Evangelization


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