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The Diocese of Baker is committed to promoting a safe environment
for all children and young people in our care.

Safe Environment and Ministerial Requirement
is required for all adults, all employees and volunteers
ages 18 AND older who would like to be involved in:
Catholic Schools, Children’s R.E., Youth Ministry, Vacation Bible School;
Camps or Retreats as Helpers/Teacher’s Aids, Team Leaders, and Chaperones;
Sacristans if regularly working with altar servers under the age of 18 and instituted Liturgical Ministers (Acolytes/Lectors instituted by the bishop as a permanent office).

Safe Environment-Ministerial Requirements Check List

The Affirmation of Faith is required for all Catechists
(those who teach children, youth, and adults)
and Liturgical Ministers (Acolytes, Adult Altar Servers, Cantors, Lectors/Readers,
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and Sacristans).

Affirmation of Personal Faith

Pursuant to the USCCB’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People,
the Diocese of Baker commits itself to the following responsibilities.

Bishop Cary’s letter to Priests, Principals
and Directors of Religious Education

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1.  The Diocese will see to it that all diocesan, parish, and parish school employees and all volunteers who work with minors more than three times a year.

   undergo a criminal Background Check ;

   review and sign the Code of Conduct for Ministry with Children and Youth;

   review and agree to the Diocesan Internet Policies and Best Practices.

   complete the Darkness to Light training;

   review with your Pastor the Affirmation of Personal Faith

2.  The Diocese will see to it that all volunteers who work even once with minors undergo a criminal background check.

3.  The Diocese will see to it that parish school teachers and religious education catechists are trained to teach the Called to Protect program through the 12th grade.

4.  The Diocese will see to it that all teachers and catechists teach the three mandatory Called to Protect lessons to their students each year.

5.  The Diocese will see to it that parishes and schools inform parents well in advance of the dates when the Called to Protect  lessons will be taught to their children and strongly encourage parents to attend the parent training sessions that must be offered each year.

6.  The Diocese will see to it that parishes and schools offer parents forms with which  they may opt out in writing if they do not wish their children to participate in the Called to Protect lessons.

To ensure respect for the rights of parents as the primary educators of their children, the following Pastoral Guidelines are to be followed throughout the diocese. These guidelines govern three possible scenarios for parental involvement in the Called to Protect training.

1.   Parents attend the parents’ training session, and their children receive the three Called to Protect lessons as part of the normal school or religious education schedule.

2.  Parents decline to have their children participate by filling out the Diocese of Baker “Opt Out” form. From this decision two consequences follow:

      The school principal or the pastor provides the parents with Called to Protect lesson materials and invites them to present them to their children at home.

      Their children do not attend the classes when the Called to Protect training is given.

 3.   Parents do not attend and do not fill out an "opt out" form. Since parents have
been informed of and invited to the parents’ training session, their non-response is presumed to mean that they wish their children to receive the three Called to Protect classes as part of the normal school or religious education schedule.

Reporting Sexual Abuse
involving Minors

All allegations or incidents of sexual abuse of anyone (laity or clergy) to anyone under the age of 18 years of age should be reported immediately to the civil authorities:
ODHR   1-855-503-SAFE (7233) or 911


Contact Information for Coordinator Protection of God’s Children

After reporting any abuse involving a minor to civil authorities, please contact Leah Bickett
Email:  leah@dioceseofbaker.org

Reporting Misconduct (sexual or otherwise) involving Adults

For allegations against a parish lay staff member or other adult of misconduct, please contact:
Very Rev. Richard O. Fischer, V.G

Phone: 541-891-9015

If criminal behavior (e.g. rape, attempted rape, assault, stalking) is involved, this should be immediately reported to the police (911) and then the Vicar General. If in doubt about whether a behavior is criminal, call
the police.


Victim’s Assistance Coordinator

For allegations against a priest, deacon, seminarian, please contact:
Angelina Montoya, MD
Phone: 541-678-5652

For victim assistance services (e.g. counseling or medical services, etc.), please contact:
Angelina Montoya, MD

Phone: 541-678-5652

Policy Updates & Clarifications

Policy Clarification for
Homebound Ministry

Home based parishioner-led
children and youth activities

Lay Adult Liturgical Ministers
policy clarification

Policy Clarification on background checks of volunteers lacking
federal or state identification


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