2017 Bishop's Annual Appeal


Evangelization & Catechesis - transforming the world for Christ

Achieving Catechetical Competency

Our investment of Appeal funds in training and resources is bearing good fruit! An indication of the growing enthusiasm and commitment of catechists across the diocese is the three-fold increase of individuals completing a level of catechetical certification. Adding to the three people earning certification in 2015, 10 received recognition in 2016. As of January 2017 we have over 30 people enrolled and actively pursuing a level of catechetical certification.

Expanding Adult Faith Formation, Religious Education, RCIA

Appeal Funding makes possible:

--the Annual Evangelization and Catechesis Symposium at Powell Butte and the regional Deanery Workshops. (Each year attendance grows by 30% first time attendees.)

--Christian Initiation training and resources designed to meet a whole family’s faith needs of individuals coming into the Church. (We have seen a 60% increase since 2014.)

--subsidies to ensure affordable availability of FORMED, a digital platform providing all parishes and every parish household access to quality Catholic study programs, movies, audios and books. (Individual subscriptions have increased from 790 in March 2016 to 1,340 in March 2017.)

Equipping Ministry Leaders

The Appeal enables us to launch a new series of initiatives (online and on the ground) to train English – and Spanish – speaking all lay ministry leaders.

These trainings provide both spiritual and practical tools to deepen faith and inspire commitment. Our first bilingual Ministry Leader Retreat is May 6, 2017, at the Diocesan Retreat Center in Powell Butte.


Energizing Youth Ministry

The Bishop’s Appeal subsidizes the cost of the Life Teen High School Ministry Program and equips parish youth ministers with training and support.

In addition, Appeal funding supports our mainstay youth ministry events:

Day of the Son

The Idaho Catholic Youth Conference

Day of the Spirit Steubenville Northwest

Upper Elementary Camp

Middle Elementary Camp

Hispanic Ministry

It is a primary goal of the Diocese to provide evangelization and catechetical materials in both English and Spanish. Funds from the Bishop’s Appeal ensure that we have the necessary level of staffing to meet this goal.

Additionally, upcoming initiatives in Ministry Leadership and Liturgical Training will equip and encourage Hispanic leaders in these important areas.

Later this year parishes will take part in the Fifth Encuentro, a nation-wide program to discern how to respond more effectively to the Hispanic presence in the United States.

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