Victor Mena





Fruits of prior Appeal gifts…

In the last four years Deacon Victor Mena
spent time in parishes throughout the diocese
when he wasn’t at Mount Angel Seminary
preparing to become a priest.

His preparation will conclude
on June 29 at St. Francis of Assisi
Church in Bend when Bishop Cary
ordains him a priest forever.

Those who contributed
to the Bishop’s Appeal
made Victor’s seminary
training possible.


2017 Bishop's Annual Appeal

ffice of Vocations - Seminarians

Because of its fundamental importance to the health of our diocese, seminary education receives significant funding from the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. If we are to give proper training to men who respond to God’s call to priesthood, your financial support is vital.

  Jose Luis
  Caleb Cunningham

This spring we will have five seminarians; next fall we anticipate another to take Deacon Victor Mena’s place.

Marco Serna and Caleb Cunningham attend Mt. Angel Seminary near Salem. Steve Garza is attending Pope John XXIII Seminary in Boston, and Jose Luis Melendez is attending Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Mexico City.

Very Reverend Richard O. Fischer, Vicar General
(541) 388-4004


Ongoing Formation of Clergy
In 2015 the Diocese initiated a program to enhance English pronunciation for priests from abroad. That effort will be further developed in 2017. At the 2016 Clergy Assembly two nationally recognized trainers showed our clergy how to better utilize parish resources and volunteers in parish administration and personal finance.

Both programs were funded by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.

Priest Health & Retirement Fund
The Priest Health and Retirement Association of the Diocese of Baker was established to provide monthly stipends and medical insurance for priests who served the Church in Eastern Oregon before their retirement. But this account is still “underfunded”; so priests count on the Bishop’s Annual Appeal for financial support in their retirement years.


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