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Dear Friends in Christ,

What if we could sit at Jesus' feet and listen to Him teach - like the people in the image for this year's Bishop's Appeal. With ears wide open, they've got their minds locked in on the words that He speaks. They remind us that St. Paul was right: "faith comes through hearing."

It's easy to imagine that these listeners did not keep what they heard to themselves. Like countless others after them they shared the faith they walked away with. That's why you and I can hear what they heard too - and put our faith in the One Who speaks to them.

Each year, throughout Eastern Oregon, all kinds of people seek a deeper relationship with God with support from the Bishop's Annual Appeal. Well-formed disciples spread the Word about the Way to those who've not heard it. Well-trained catechists show learners young and old that the Way is the Truth that comes to Life in the sacraments of the Church.

Thatís what the Bishopís Annual Appeal attempts to do. Please take a moment to read the information provided here and learn how the Appeal helps make faith grow in the Diocese of Baker. Then consider making a gift so that others may discover the joy of sharing faith with you.

Jesus calls us to share our faith for the Holy Spirit is there helping us to communicate and is also working in the hearts of those with whom we're sharing. May you hear His voice and follow Him into the light.

                                                           In Christ our Lord, 

                                                    Most Reverend Liam Cary
                                                             Bishop of Baker